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QTVR panoramas created by R.Kishimoto, webmaster of http://www.ksmt.com
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Japanese traditional and modern scenery in 360 degree QTVR
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2006.10.22 Ofuna Kino Plasmat Test

2006.10.22 Kino Plasmat 9cm F1.5 Test

2006.10.22 Sacramento Delta, Little Yosemite

2006.10.1 Ernostar on a reiny day

2006.9.30 Sunset, Isostigmar, Zuiko21

2006.9.23 Enoden, Rice, Litonar

2006.9.18 Sunset, Sonnar

2006.9.16 Yokohama Biometar

2006.9.12 Wray, Biometar

2006.9.9 Nara Park

2006.9.3 Enoshima Lens Test

2006.9.2 Ofuna Lens Test Speedic, etc.

2006.8.27 Opic, Orthometar, Speedic

2006.8.20 Yurakucho Nokkor-Q 135mm Snapshot

2006.8.19 Photographic Lens Serial Numbers by Year - Age of Lens
Click here for detail

2006.8.15 Shinjuku Ernostar Snapshot

2006.8.13 ksmt.com special digital back, etc.

2006.8.12 R&J Beck Isostigmar 9.5 inch F6.5

2009.8.6 Lotus and Kimono (Yukata)

Still version

QTVR version

2006.7.29 Ernostar, Lynkeioskop, Trioplan

2006.7.23 Ofuna Dallmeyer 3D, Zeiss Unar test

2006.7.20 Homemade bellows
Instructions to make your own ksmt.com bag bellows, English version added.

2006.7.15 Enoshima

Copying M=1 test at Enoshima

2006.7.8 Copying M=1Test


2006.7.2 Protar Series I test

Carl Zeiss, Jena No 4475 Anastigmat 1:4,5 F-183mm D.R.P 10569

2006.6.24 Kamakura Plasmatlinse test

Hugo Meyer & Co - Corlitz Nr 503222 Plasmat Satz 1:4 10x15cm D.R.P Dr. Rudolph

2006.7.1 Cambo 5x7 inch + ksmt.com special Digital Back using EOS 5D multi shot

I made a Cambo 5x7 adapter for my original ksmt.com special digital back. Now I can take multi shot digital pictures which can cover 5x7 inch image circle using Cambo SCIII 5x7 + CANON EOS 5D. I tested 56 pictures (7 horizontal, 8 vertical) using Cooke 330mm F8 and it's working fine.


2006.6.18 Can Digital SLR be used as 5x7 inch digital film ?

2006.6.17 Anticomar, Fujinon test

"Tsuyu" is name of reiny season of Japan, from Mid-June to mid-July.

2006.6.4 Ofuna Flower Park

Classic Lens Test: Dallmeyer Stigmatic, Ross Xpres, Tessar 6.3, Biotar 2/58, Xenon 2/50

2006.6.3 Shibuya

Classic Lens Test
Tele-Makinar, Unar

2006.5.28 Enoshima Unar test

Unar 145mm, Xenon 5cm, Vergr 13.5cm Classic lens test

2006.5.26 Kamakura, Ofuna

Kamakura Houkokuji Bamboo Garden, Ofuna Flower Park Lupinus
+ Classic lens test

2006.5.14 San Francisco Snapshot

MAMIYA-SEKOR 1:2.8 f=100mm No. 135907 + Canon EOS 5D

2006.5.4 Kamakura Lens Test
Rokuoh-sha Hexar 21cm

2006.5.3 Ofuna Flower Garden

2006.4.30 Shinjuku Lens Test:
Aristostigmat 7 inch
Cooke 13 inch
Elmar 10.5cm
Laack Vergr 13.5cm
Plaubel Orthar 13.5cm

2006.4.22 Lens Test: Elmar 10.5cm, Dallmeyer 3D, Cook 6 1/4 inch

Around my house with EOS 5D and old classic lenses. I was surprised Dallmeyer 3D produced excellent result with EOS 5D digital SLR.

2006.4.9 Odawara Castle / Kamakura

It's a stange panorama, but you can see all around the Odawara Castle.

2006.4.1 Cherry Blossoms at Chidorigafuchi Tokyo

2006.3.22 Making "Tokyo Tower"
"A Border of Tokyo City"

2006.3.20 "Time Tunnel"

Digital Camera Magazine Photo Contest 2006 April
"Time Tunnel"
Camera: CANON EOS10D
Lens: Ross, LONDON Zeiss (Patent) Anastigmat 1:18 86mm
Tokyo-Edo Tatemono-en

2006 April

"Time Tunnel"

2006.3.17 Tokyo Tower

"A Border of Tokyo City"
The World Wide Panorama "Borders" (15-21 March 2006) from Top of Tokyo Tower

2006.3.11 Apolanthar, Doppel Goerz(Dagor), Krauss+Zeiss Test at Nagakubo Park

Testing Apolanthar and Doppel Anastigmart Goerz which was renamed to Dagor later, on 1904.

2006.3.5 Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

Kawazu is located southern part of Izu Peninsula, around three hours from Tokyo. Kawazu cherry blossoms bloom around one month earlier than Somei-Yoshino ehich is the most popular cherry brossoms tree.

2006.3.4 Yushima Tenjin Shrine

Yushima Tenji Shrine is famous in white Ume blossoms and people pray passing collage entrence exmination.

2006.2.25 Kawazu Cherry Blossoms and Japanese White-eye at Matsudayama Herb Garden

2006.2.20 Digital Camera Magazine Photo Contest 2006 March

"The approach to Tsurugaoka Shrine, Kamakura"
Canon 10D, Sigma 8mm F4 EX CIRCULAR FISHEYE
Stitch: PanotamaTools + PTGui
Retouch: Photoshop Elements

Digital Camera Magajine 2006 March Photo Contest

"The approach to Tsurugaoka Shrine, Kamakura"

I took this picture to make a QTVR two years ago.

2006.2.18 Shinjuku Gyoen Park and Yotsuya Fire Museum

Classic lens test, Ica Periscop, Maximar, Perken RR, Ross Zeiss Protar V

Fullscreen QTVR 0.9MB Yotsuya Fire Museum 5D+Sigma8mm

2006.2.12 Chigasaki Classic Lens Test

2006.2.5 Kamakura Classic Lens Test

2006.1.29 Tokyo Sugamo

Full screen QTVR 1.4MB

2006.1.24 Nara Nigatsudo

2006.1.22 Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en

Digital Camera Magazine Photo Contest Runner-up - 2006 February issue A-Set-of-Photos

1: Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:2.8 f=8cm
2,3: Voigtlander Voigtar 1:4.5 F=11cm


QTVR tutorial is updated. PTGui latest version 5.6 is now supported.
Sorry, no sample images in the tutorial are available. I'll fix this later.


JPEG 0.7MB Sunset at Miyayama station

Kamakura Tsurugaoka-Hachiman shrine

Classic lens samples, Camera: EOS 10D
For detail of my classic lenses, please visit http://www.ksmt.com/eos10d/classic2.htm

Ica Akt-Ges Doppel-Anastigmat "Maximar" 1:6,8 F=13.5cm
This is similar to Meyer Ariststigmat, it's a doppel.
sample 1 2 3 4

AGFA PB20 READYSET around 11cm around F22(TIME)
Acromatic Single Meniscus like VPK, but fixed F22 gives us a sharp image.
sample 1 2 3 4
b1 b2 b3 b4

Agfa Agnar 1:4.5/105
It's probably a Tessar type lens. Looks like Tessar.
sample 1 2 3 4

It's also probably a Tessar type.
sample 1 2 3 4

It's a foggy and dirty lens, but still sharp.
sample 1 2 3

Voigtlander-Braunschweig Anastigmat Voigtar 1:4,5 F=11cm
It's a typical Triplet
sample 1 2

VOIGTLANDER VASKAR 1:4.5/105 3489790
I cannot see much difference between Voigtar and Vaskar.
sample 1 2 3

Hakone Kowakien Hot Spring

Fullscreen QTVR 0.5MB Dinner at Mikawaya

Classic Lens List New Version
I change the format of my classic lens list to meke it easy to read and update.

Happy New Year

Schneider-Kreuznach No 1773825 Xenon f:2 F=5cm

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Message from ksmt.com : Take three or five picture or photography ( hemisphare ) using Circular fisheye lens, digital SLR CANON EOS 10D plus SIGMA 8mm F4 or a compact camera NIKON Coolpix 990 plus FC-E8 fish eye converter. Sigma 15mm F2.8 diagonal fisheye lens is handu for both Cubic VR and Macro. 15cm from film (about 4cm from the lens) is pretty powerfull for close up or macro pictures. Normal ( rectangular ) images taken using SIGMA 12-24mm or CANON EF 17-40mm or TS-E 24mm ( shift rise or fall ) or Power Shot A75 plus 0.7x wide converter or IXY digital or Sony Handycam can also be used. Tripod or monopod with panorama head are sometimes used for horizontal ( perpendicular axis ) rotation , but hand held is often good enough. Be sure you use manual exposure and shutter speed and manual white balance and carefully choose the best exposure. Also turning camera around nodal point ( end of lens ) is important. Check and manage the pictures ( RAW and JPEG ) using EosViewer.

Synthesize equirectabgular or clindical image from multiple hemispheric images ( hemistopher ). Panorama Tools ( PTStitcher ) plus PTGui are used to crop, optimize Yaw Pitch Roll and FOV ( Optimizer ) using user defined control points. A Photoshop database ( .psd ) file with or without feathe is written for manual retouch through TIF file. Edit the mask layers of equirectabgular image to get smooth joint of layers, then output 2:1 aspect ration ( ex. 4000x2000 ) JPEG image. I use Sony VAIO or Fujitsu BIBLO or IBM Thinkpad with Windows XP operating system.

QuickTime Virtual Reality ( QTVR ) cubic ( spherical ) panorama file ( .mov ) is generated using Panoweaver of Easypano. Convert from equirectabgular or clindical image to cubic panorama in QTVR format. The cubic panorama displayed in a viewer which you can control with your mouse to look around from a single view point of any 360 degree. It's a spherical picture or virtual reality Photography of panoramic image which gives you afeeling you are really there in a small file size good for internet. Homepage builder is used to make html files for my web page http://www.ksmt.com. I often visit www.panoramas.dk which is a famous web site for full screen panorama images.

Another handy wey to make panorama is PhotoStitch software from CANON if you have a CANON camera.

CANON timer remote contoroller TC-80N3 is used as interval timer. You can take a serires of pictures automatically. Some sample movies taken by EOS10D using interval timer controller TC-80N3. Pictures taked by interval timer are showed by Java script at 30x-90x speed. Clouds moves very fast and it's very interesting.

R.Kishimto - webmaster of ksmt.com