2015.2.22 Jamin No. 1147 8x10 film

Camera: Sinar 8x10
JAMIN Ingr Opticien 14 rue Chapon paris Brevete, 1147
Film: 8x10 Monochrom
Digitize: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Pentax 67 Macro 4/100mm

Relater pictures
2015.2.5 Jamin No. 1147 8x10 film
2015.2.18 Improved digital data using Canon DPP "Linear" option

Some more 8x10 samples of Jamin Cone Centralisateur No 1147 lens manufactured in around 1857. F=8.0 using inner stop. Around 1 second using lens cap. Negative film was digitized using Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

先日Foto:Mutoriで8x10のSinarで撮影・現像して頂いた白黒ネガフィルムを一枚だけ先行して掲載したのですが、もう二枚ありますので、まとめて掲載します。ピンボケの一枚は2015.2.5 Jamin No. 1147 8x10 filmと重複しています。

Serious face

Funny version (difficult to stay funny for one second without move)

Out-of-focus version (same as 2015.2.5 Jamin No. 1147 8x10 film)
F=8.0, 1 sec