JAMIN Cone Centralisateur 7

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A. The Cone Centralisateur Lens

An interesting example of a Petzval-type lens was made by Jamin & Darlot in 1855 called Cone Centralisateur. Jean Theodor Jamin commenced the manufacture of lenses and optical instruments in Paris in 1822. In 1855 he was joined by Alphonse Darlot (1828-1895), who had worked previously with Lerebours and Secretan. In 1860 Jamin retired and handed over the establishment was located at 14 rue Chapon, off the rue St. Martin in paris. Darlot continued very actively making lenses and other optical devices until his death in 1895, when the factory was acquired by L. Turillon.

The Cone centralisateur objective (Fig. 3.4) was a normal Petzval lens in a plain brass mount with a rack-and-pinion focusing mechanism in front, while behind the mounting flange the tube widened out into a black-painted cone supporting the rear component. The purpose of the cone was to prevent internal reflection of sunlight from falling on the sensitized plate. In some models the separation between the lenses could be altered by the user.



訳者注1: No 1147ではレンズの間隔を変えるのに、逆ネジのラディアルドライブが使われました。このほかに、手でレンズをスライドさせて間隔を調整し、単純なネジで止めるタイプもあります。

訳者注2: Jaminのレンズでは前群(2枚張り合わせ)と後群(メニスカス+両凸)の間隔を変えています。Astro Rocher Kino portraitなどの可変ソフトフォーカスレンズでは後群内のメニスカスと両凸レンズの間隔を変えています。

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  1. どうやら、逆ネジのラディアルドライブの目的は次のようです。


  2. もしかしたら今回のレンズも、もともと手でスライドしてネジ止めタイプだったのをラックアンドピニオンを後付けし、せっかくなので新しい技術のラデイアルドライブにしたのではなどと空想してみました。