Mergaret Cameron in Vade Mecum

Vade MecumのJaminの項目から引用します。Jamin社の記事はとても短くて、もやもやした感じです。

Jamin was the maker of a Petzval type lens used by Mrs Cameron: it was 12in on a 9x11in plate and it gave imperfect coverage on her format. About 1864, the Jamin’s qualities were to lead to interest in soft focus lenses which J.H .Dallmeyer was ultimately to answer with his adjustable Patent Petzval. Jamin was also the maker of a rival convertible lens to Chevalier’s “Photograph a Verres Combinee” in the “Cone Centralisateur.”
(Mrs Cameron also used a 30in Dallmeyer RR on 15x12in).